The Who That I Am

My wish for this book is for children (and adults) to remember to be their true selves, completely. To be silly, and serious; to be all we feel to be. To know we all feel many feelings, and to feel these feelings is always okay. To know that life brings us many experiences, sometimes we come first and sometimes last, but to know that each experience is a way for us to grow and learn more about ourselves. When we learn to be our true selves fully, love and accept ourselves, we become more freely us!

Being ourselves leads to greater love. Love is expansive. By loving ourselves we can also find true love for our friends, family, animals, Mother Earth, and each other.

By learning that we all can have similar feelings and experiences we can also start to see ourselves in each other. We start to build empathy. And although we are individually unique, like a pearl, and can be anything we dream to be, it’s important to know that we are also the same on many levels too. Knowing this ‘oneness’ with each other can help us live a more connected life.

Living a more connected life enhances each of our unique qualities. We learn from each other. Our differences help us grow, and our similarities help us connect. We become a fuller, truer version of our self.

No box can fit all of us because… we are who we are, and that’s who we were born to be!

Each beautifully unique and the same - all rolled up in one amazing YOU!

With love now and always, soul to soul, yours truly,

Cynthia Carla