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Reviewed by Tiffany Ferrell for Reader's Favorite

             ” In The Who That I Am by Cynthia Carla we are introduced to a small elephant who is explaining to the reader why she is happy with who she is. Sometimes she doesn’t always look the same or act the same but that’s normal for her and only makes her the elephant she is. She explains this by telling the reader that sometimes she’s sunny and other times she’s cloudy; that she can be both grateful and rowdy. She’s slow, she’s fast, and sometimes first or last but no matter; at the end of the day the elephant knows that she is still here.

I thought this was a cute, poetic tale about an elephant that will capture the heart of the young reader. The message is also a strong one that I feel is very important to instill in children, which is simply to be yourself and be proud of who you are. The little elephant knows she’s special because she’s unique and there is no one else like her. This is true for all of us and every little action or behavior, like or dislike, is what makes you who you are and that’s something to take pride in. Children will read about this quirky little elephant and are sure to have some things that they share in common.

Aside from the fun and well-written poetic tale, the illustrations also serve as amazing visual aids which will certainly grasp the young reader’s attention. I think Cynthia Carla has done a wonderful job of writing The Who That I Am and I can’t wait to read more of her work in the future. I also have to give the artist Stephen Aitken credit for his beautiful illustrations. Together they have created a phenomenal book! “